Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Subway scenes

~ I'm angry at the New York City Transit Authority

You folks spent months renovating the 67th Avenue subway station, but you *didn't* install an elevator??!  Explain!!!

~ My first-ever subway-poster photo

Turtle Island Connections
by Dennis RedMoon Darkeem
a fine Native American artist
(I apologize for my poor skills as a photographer--
there was the head of another Native American
on the top left.)

~ He wouldn't let anything stop him

The man we saw in the subway using crutches had not only a prosthetic leg--he was moving his crutches with two prosthetic hands.  Never give up!

Sunday, June 02, 2024

A major issue in the 2024 election: Sex and power

I refuse to pull my punches--I think that laws prohibiting abortion, and the rumored-to-come laws prohibiting birth control, are attempts by governmental authorities to use their power to punish women for having sex.  Yes, men are also affected by pregnancy, but it doesn’t endanger (cis-gender) men’s lives.

Tunnel vision 😡

There are so many tunnels in Gaza that they might as well call it a subway system, though this is certainly the first subway system for which one needs a passport. I wish this were funny.  😡

Copied from Facebook:

[sharing from a friend]
The IDF had already discovered 700 (not a typo, seven hundred) tunnels in Rafah, 50 of which leading directly to Egypt and some big enough for a lorry to drive through - Gaza has an equestrian federation, after all. And now the IDF have discovered 20 tunnels with 82 shafts on the Philadelphia Corridor alone (the area between Gaza and Egypt). The entire Corridor is now in the hands of Israel and several long-range rockets were found 10-40 m from the Egyptian border. Gaza attacked Central Israel recently with dozens of long-range rockets, while Lebanon fired over a 100 rockets at civilians up North. 90.000 Israelis have been displaced for 8 months.

No other war . . . was under such an international microscope. Welcome to antisemitism

Copied from Facebook:

[sent to me by a friend. No idea who wrote it]
No other war in the history of all wars was under such an international microscope, no other army had to behave so politely towards its worst enemies, no other nation had to feed the criminals who murdered and kidnapped its own, no other soldier had to be so lenient with the savages that raped their women and burned their children and parents alive. No other country was ever more hated and questioned for defending itself, no other people, of any country in the world, were more harassed, insulted, punished, sanctioned, lied to, dehumanized by supporters of online terrorism and attacked and bombed daily by bloody sick terrorists. No other country had more UN resolutions, no other country attacked by terrorists of all kinds and coming from all parts of its borders was ever called a “terrorist state” when defending its citizens. No other body of military evidence about terrorist war crimes was more ignored by the WHO and other official bodies. No other truly occupied territory - like northern Cyprus, by Turkey or Crimea, by Russia... - ever flooded the streets or university campuses with such absurd and pathetic "activism" for a country that never cared about them before October . No other woman, of any nation or religion, was more doubted or less supported than Israeli women. No other hostage, from any terrorist attack, was more ignored by public opinion, no other BABY in the world was kidnapped for 6 months, during which time neither UNICEF, nor RED CROSS, nor AMNESTY..., no one was even tweeted once about it or questioned his captivity…
Welcome to antisemitism."
My Facebook comments: 


Shira Salamone
Shira Salamone
Does anyone have anything to say about *this?* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_civil_war
Syrian civil war - Wikipedia
Syrian civil war - Wikipedia
Syrian civil war - Wikipedia
Yemeni civil war (2014–present) - Wikipedia
Yemeni civil war (2014–present) - Wikipedia
Yemeni civil war (2014–present) - Wikipedia
What caused the civil war in Sudan and how has it become one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises?
What caused the civil war in Sudan and how has it become one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises?
What caused the civil war in Sudan and how has it become one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises?

Saturday, June 01, 2024

Three important essays on abortion and the Bible

Read three important essays on abortion and the Bible:

1. The Bible is Silent on Abortion, but Vocal about When Life Begins — Prof. Shawna Dolansky
2. Abortion in the Ancient Near East and Greco-Roman World — by Dr. Kristine Henriksen Garroway
3. A Fetus Is Not an Independent Life: Abortion in the Talmud
— Dr. Ronit Irshai
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